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It kinda bothers me when my aunt introduces my cousin as “the little downs baby.” Yes, he has down syndrome, you can tell he’s not an average kid by looking him in the face, but that doesn’t mean he’s sooooo very different than other three year olds. The kid likes to run and play just like other kids. Yeah, he’ll likely have larger issues later down the road, but I feel like he’s being unfaily stigmitized at this point.

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It is 90*F inside the car. It is 75*F outside the car. This of course means turn on the air conditioner to cool the car to 82* by the time you reach your destination, of which part of that time is spent with hot air blowing in your face at the highest setting because the cooler needs a chance to cycle before it can function. Why not just roll down the window? you’ve got four of them and they’re all larger than average. One would think having an unseasonable break in the weather would merit enjoying the fresh air. After all, we opened all the doors to the house earlier in the day for the breeze, and that was downright chilly.

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dfhag;sdfa fleece. The material folded under while stitching and I had to rip out a good long stretch back to the point where it veered. fdshjgfdsk;gfdslk.

Oh well, it’s done now. Too bad I have no idea where my camera is, otherwise I’d take pictures of the little cutie. Green variegated fleece is fun. Normally my sis tries to run off with my freshly sewn stuff, but skitter302 snuggled it away this time. It’s my stegosaurus, you fiend. *waves pitchfork*

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A few minutes went by where underlines weren’t showing up in links on the dashboard. And just look, you brilliant things immediately started roleplaying the situation. We give you lemons, and you make lemonade, a lemon meringue pie, and an essay about what it means to be a lemon.

Anyway, all fixed now. Have a lovely weekend!

I want to see that essay.

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